August 25, 2015

15% of us get migraine headaches. That’s 3 out of 20 Georgetown people struggle with migraines due to research data. (1) Migraine is an ache patients look to Dr. Butwell for alleviation.  Dealing with migraines continues to be difficult. It needs an understanding of the anatomical contributing factors as well as varied alternatives for its pain control. Dr. Butwell is fully capable of offering chiropractic care as a unit of the migraine management squad.

Usually, migraine is taken care of with medication periodically even propanolol and topiramate as preventatives. Side effects and preference to avoid medications may send patients seeking alternative options. Chiropractic spinal manipulation is among some manual therapies that may be just as effective along with massage therapy, physiotherapy, and relaxation. (1) Dr. Butwell offers gentle, relaxing Cox Technic for the cervical spine that fellow Georgetown chiropractic patients find quite relieving and effective.

Now, research reveals that trigger point therapy to the sternomastoid muscle lessens headache and neck pain greater than a placebo therapy. It also increases motor performance of the cervical flexors, pressure pain thresholds, and active range of motion in individuals with cervicogenic headache. (2) Chiropractic spinal manipulation using Cox Technic may well add an extra element to your Georgetown chiropractic treatment plan to improve cervical spine range of motion as well.

For example, one patient who suffered with headaches of 5 months' duration and a history of episodic migraine that began in her teens which had been controlled with medication found relief with chiropractic spinal manipulation and acupuncture. This relief came after 5 chiropractic treatments in 2 weeks.  At a year follow up, she reports no recurrences. Chiropractic care was an effective alternative in managing her chronic tension-type headaches superimposed with migraine. (3)

So is neck pain related to migraine? You bet! For many migraine sufferers, neck pain related disability lurks. The more often the migraine attacks come on, the more neck pain disability shows itself. The more neck pain disability, the higher the risk of migraine chronicity. A vicious cycle. (4) Georgetown chiropractic may be a way to break that cycle.

So contact Dr. Butwell if you suffer with headache and migraine. The Georgetown chiropractic treatments may complement your current management plan and even offer more relief. Dr. Butwell looks forward to working with you.