Dr. Butwell Explains the Cervical Spine


Whiplash, car accidents, computer work, constant communication with phones and computers and texting and tweeting wear us all down, and causes us all to let our posture go as we slump over our technology gadgets. Is it any wonder that we have pain in the neck, the structure that is responsible for holding our heads high? Our poor necks are like golf tees trying to hold up a bowling ball. It gets stressed and tired.

If you have neck pain or headache pain or shoulder pain or arm pain or even pain that extends into your wrist and fingers, we can help. We know the spine! We know what the normal cervical spine is and the cervical spine conditions that can make it cause you pain.

Our up-to-date diagnostic skills will determine the source of your pain -- with much input from you as to your symptoms and history during the examination -- and what the next step of care is. That next step may be tests or treatment or a combination of both. All efforts are toward the quickest healing time possible.

Our natural, gentle, non-surgical, chiropractic care guides your spine, muscles, discs, and nerve toward a state of pain-free recovery.

We will do our part in examining, diagnosing and treating you in the office and ask that you do your part by adhering to our instructions for at home care. Together, we make a great team to relieve your pain.

Contact us today to help you with your neck pain.