Georgetown Chiropractic for Neck Pain Relief

Your Neck's About to Take a Turn for the Better!

At Dr. Butwell we would guess from our past knowledge, that more people would preferably be a “pain in the neck” than have one.

After all, neck pain can be specifically vexing, given that the neck has to brace the full weight of the head. (Think of the structure as something like a golf tee holding up a bowling ball!)

 When you’re dealing with neck pain, moving your head at all can be grueling. Finishing daily tasks becomes impossible. And no one would blame you!

 We have a solution.
It's a non-surgical, chiropractic solution that's gentle, safe, and clinically recorded not only to help lower pain but also to improve motion. We know firsthand that it works, too, because Dr. Butwell treats plenty of neck pain sufferers in Georgetown and has helped those patients find alleviation.

 If you are tormented by neck pain, take heart: you are not alone. Statistics show that 51% of people will struggle with neck pain at some point in their lives! Read through these pages of our website:

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 Neck Pain Exercises
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 Getting Relief for Your Neck Pain

 Then, schedule an appointment with Dr. Butwell, your Georgetown chiropractic neck pain specialist, for an appointment. We'll help alleviate your neck pain so you can get back to enjoying your life again!