February 2019 Healthy News: Georgetown Back Pain Relief with Chiropractic and Exercise

Added Georgetown chiropractic to back pain care plans works for back pain sufferers.  


Dr. Butwell manages the treatment of Georgetown back pain for many Georgetown back pain sufferers. Managing low back pain often includes care via a variety of healthcare providers. Why? Because it is complex. Low back pain’s greatest pain challenge is the actual pain; however, its impacts on the mind go along with its impacts on the body. This demands a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. (1) Adding chiropractic care to the integrative treatment plan alongside medical care is advantageous. One study reveals short term improvement in pain intensity and disability for active-duty military personnel who are cared for in a multidisciplinary health care system that includes chiropractic. (2) As spinal manipulation specialists, chiropractors successfully deliver pain-reducing spinal manipulation. “Manipulation-induced hypoalgesia” is decreased pain sensitivity after manipulation for musculoskeletal pain patients. (3) Your Georgetown chiropractor strives to decrease your pain experience with his Georgetown chiropractic treatment plan!

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Christophe Dean on The Back Doctor’s Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about back pain relief attained for a patient with his Georgetown chiropractic care incorporating the Cox® Technic System and other healthcare specialists.
 Dr. Butwell recommends Georgetown chiropractic patients to be as fit as they can for their back and body’s sake! 


Strive to Be As Fit As You Can Be

What types of activities contribute to your optimal fitness? Sitting? Nope! The connection between musculoskeletal pain and sitting is well documented. A workplace sitting-reduction intervention reduced lower back pain. (4) Resistance training, on the other hand, is a fitness promoting activity, particularly for females with chronic low back pain. Reduced pain and improved quality of life are advantages. (5) Why should fitness concern you? To live longer! Men with musculoskeletal conditions like back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, gout, and joint pain can reduce their risk of death by cardiovascular disease, cancer or anything else by being more fit. (6) Exercise is important for everyone’s fitness status. Do not! Exercise as you can! Be as fit as you can be!

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