Georgetown Encourages Walking for Back Pain Relief

April 26, 2022

Dr. Butwell invites Georgetown back pain sufferers and neck pain sufferers to walk. Walking is easy and effective in the management of pain. Walks don’t have be crazy long! A walk in the park or around the block works wonders!


$200 billion dollars a year fund back pain management. Back pain is a leading and common cause of medical care visits to primary care and emergency settings. Back pain is a top cause for worker compensation, missed work hours, and lost productivity. 90% of back pain is mechanical. 12 to 33% of people are stated to experience back pain at any point in time, making back pain a primary emphasis of medical care and of sufferers’ attention and inattention to the day-to-day workings of life. (1) Back pain is expensive and quality of life altering for many.


Walking is a such a day-to-day requirement. One newer study stated that back and neck pain were positively and significantly associated with workplace absenteeism mostly caused by difficulty standing, sitting, and walking. (2) Walking is a key daily function! Back pain sufferers headed to surgery will do well to improve their walking capacity before surgery. The better the walking capacity pre-surgery. The greater the walking capacity afterwards. Lumbar spinal stenosis as a core issue for back pain decreases walking and quality of life for its sufferers. Lumbar spinal stenosis is the main indication for spinal surgery in older adults, 40% of whom, even post-back surgery, still described walking disability. (3) Dr. Butwell encourages walking for everyone!


Exercise like walking is a simple, easy way to mitigate Georgetown back pain. Walking in a park may be enticing. Well-designed parks are said to enhance public health. An interview study of peoples’ opinions of what makes parks inviting described that trees, gardens, open spaces, and water features were highly appreciated. Walking/bike trails, basketball hoops, sports/climbing walls were described as physical activity boosters. Seating, tables, and picnic areas were noted as essential for social interaction. (4)

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Dr. Butwell urges Georgetown back pain sufferers to walk to lessen back pain and related pain.