Dr. Butwell Diagnoses Underlying Causes of Neck Pain and Arm Pain and Delivers Pain Relieving Care

September 17, 2020

“What’s this, doc?” Such a question is always welcome at Dr. Butwell. Sometimes there is a clear answer, and sometimes there is not. It is a terrific starting point though. These questions usually occur at some point in the exam but occasionally come up during a chiropractic office visit. They always tell something helpful toward pain relief that both your Georgetown chiropractor wants for you and you want for yourself. Curious conditions may reveal themselves via curious symptoms like this case of cervical spine neck pain and a case of shingles.


Dr. Butwell depends on the clinical exam more than anything else. Your Georgetown chiropractor listens first, tests second, and considers imaging in light of the first two. Each provides a bit of info to the diagnostic puzzle. In a recent chiropractic case report, a part of the puzzle came from a peculiar rash on a patient’s arm during his care for neck and arm pain. His story involves coughing, fatigue, and congestion that led him to his primary care doctor. He received an influenza and pneumococcal vaccine. The coughing provoked some neck pain that took this 43 year old male to his chiropractor for the neck pain that was explained as constant, sharp neck pain on the left with an aching, tingling sensation down his left arm (radiculopathy) particularly into his left lateral arm, forearm, thumb and index finger. Clinical symptoms indicated a diagnosis of a C5-6 disc herniation, a very common cervical disc herniation level. Soon after, he noted a rash on his left arm that his medical consultant diagnosed as herpes zoster shingles. It was too late for an antiviral, so he took ibuprofen for the shingles pain. He experienced 5 cervical spine treatments following the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management cervical spine protocols in 5 weeks to resolve the arm pain, reduce the arm rash, and lessen the neck pain by 50%. Another 4 treatments in 3 months brought about 80% reduced neck pain, complete resolution of left arm pain, and faint shingles rash. The patient expressed that he was back to normal. (1) Talk about unusual! Your Georgetown chiropractor is constantly on the lookout for the unusual and prepared to respond with an exam-based diagnosis and an alleviating treatment plan for Georgetown neck pain and back pain!

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Check out this PODCAST with Dr. Steven Baroody on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he explained how his patient who came to the office with severe, long-standing shoulder pain was treated for shoulder pain with no relief. Dr. Baroody’s exam revealed a cervical disc herniation causing pain. It’s not surprising, then, that the other treatments resulted in no relief! Dr. Baroody treated the patient with the pain-relieving Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management. Relieving care must start with the correct diagnosis!

Make your next Georgetown chiropractic visit today. Dr. Butwell will perform the proper examination to come up with the proper diagnosis to deliver the best clinical outcome possible for usual and unusual causes of back pain and neck pain. See you soon!

Dr. Butwell begins with a diagnosis, develops a treatment, and gets pain-relief results even in unusual conditions like neck pain, arm pain and a shingles rash!