Georgetown Hearing Loss May Be Related to Vitamin D Loss

April 13, 2021

”What did you say?” Does this sound typical when chatting with your senior parents or grandparents (and occasionally your kids)? Hearing loss is so common. It is almost an inescapable issue as we get older. Does it have to be that way? Researchers are looking at it, and Dr. Butwell is following the study to incorporate into our nutrition care! Vitamin D deficiency is again considered a culprit in this side-effect of aging.


Quite a few older Georgetown adults experience hearing loss. It’s frustrating, but new research offers some direction on how to possibly prevent it. A group of researchers indicated that older folks are at risk of hearing loss and osteoporosis. Vitamin D levels are considered in both conditions. Bone mineral density and hearing loss have been linked. These researchers discovered that low vitamin D levels were associated to low-frequency and speech-frequency hearing loss as were 1-unit reductions in femoral neck BMD and total spine BMD. (1) An additional study of participants without apparent hearing loss – 30 low in vitamin D, 30 low in vitamin B12, 30 controls – documented that B12 and vitamin D deficiencies were significantly associated with cochlear ear health and function. It was recommended that patients with these vitamin deficiencies should also be tested for cochlear function. (2) Dr. Butwell proposes starting with a look at your vitamin levels!


In children who have vitamin D deficiency, 53.4% sufferered hearing loss with 17% experiencing moderate-profound hearing loss. These children (as well as children with low calcium levels) were more apt to have sensorineural hearing loss, a type of hearing loss that is less likely to improve over time. Children with vitamin D deficiency and a femur fracture, a significantly higher rate of hearing loss was noted. Children with low calcium levels were found to be at higher risk of moderate-profound hearing loss. (3) Dr. Butwell looks out for the kids, too. Their vitamin levels and hearing need testing, too!


Sudden Sensory Neural Hearing Loss is another subset of hearing loss that requires special attention in children and adults. When this sort of hearing loss occurs, steroids are a typical treatment. Patients with adequate vitamin D levels recovered fully. 87.5% of vitamin D deficient patients and 12.5% of insufficient vitamin D level patients did not respond at all. Vitamin D was more obvious in SSNHL patients than healthy patients. (4) Vitamin D is so important!

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Schedule your Georgetown chiropractic appointment today. Whether you are sick of being the one asking “Huh?” or answering “Huh?,” you and your vitamin D levels are of consequence to us! Let us test them out for your hearing loss risk and your risk of osteoporosis’ sake.

Dr. Butwell presents recent research about low vitamin D levels and hearing loss.