February 26, 2013
Nutrition can Help your Memory“What did I come in here for?”
We all have those occasional lapses of memory. Just check with your Georgetown friends. They’ll concur that it can be upsetting! Dr. Butwell found some state-of-the-art nutritional research that may help you retain your memory functioning better and be a normal part of your chiropractic treatment plan..


Researchers studied 56 elderly women who told them that they had some memory loss. These women took a multivitamin, mineral, herbal supplement for 16 weeks. The researchers found a heightened speed of reaction in spatial working memory.  Plus homocysteine levels dropped. (Good news! These are inflammation indicators. You don't want inflammation.) Vitamin B6 and B12 and even Vitamin E increased! (1)


A similar study was done with sedentary, older men (50 to 74 years old). They were in an 8 week study taking a multivitamin, mineral, herbal supplement. There were similar findings to the women’s: lower homocysteine levels and higher Vitamin B12 and B6 folate. The improvement in their memory was in the contextual recognition memory performance. (2) Any improvement in memory is a great thing!

So let’s talk at your next Georgetown chiropractic appointment. If you or a loved one finds memory to be a challenge (or even a slight frustration), let’s talk about trying a quality multivitamin, mineral, herbal supplement. The quality makes all the difference! Contact Dr. Butwell today to talk about your Georgetown nutritional status!