March 27, 2012

Whether it’s yoga or stretching or a self-care book, the adjunctive means to chronic lower back pain relief that works for you is best. Make Dr. Butwell included in your plan. Talk with us prior to starting any type of exercise program. And take care to note how your body feels while doing anything you choose. Keep going if it helps. Cease the activity if you feel any pain. We want you to enjoy as pain-free a life in Georgetown as possible!

Now, chronic lower back pain is pain that lasts more than three months, and it’s challenging. Dr. Butwell is up for the challenge with our chiropractic services as well as with sharing new findings that may help you control your pain yourself! Yoga is one such finding.

Many Georgetown chiropractic residents turn to yoga to relieve stress and pain with good reason. Researchers show that yoga lessens the intensity of chronic lower back pain as well as the functional disability and depression that often goes with it. Participating patients even tend to reduce their use of medication to deal with the pain. (2) What a welcome relief that alone can be.

Yoga and Stretching with chiropractic Care may be quite beneficial!In a just out study, yoga for chronic lower back pain relief was compared to a self-care book and stretching classes. Yoga outperformed self-care – reducing pain, improving function, giving lasting relief for several months – but not the stretching classes. (1) So if you are so inclined, try a Georgetown yoga class or a stretching class!

Georgetown arthritis patients may even find yoga relieving. Yoga was found to be most beneficial for reducing symptoms like tender or swollen joints and pain and disability. It also improves participants’ ability to take care of themselves and their mental health. And best of all, no adverse effects were reported, and participants were more inclined to stick with it. (3)

So yoga as part of a treatment plan to address chronic lower back pain due to a variety of conditions may be positive for you. Check with your Georgetown chiropractor before starting. But know that Dr. Butwell understands chronic pain and helps relieve its symptoms for many!

Check out these articles, then contact us today to see if yoga or our more basic exercise and stretching routine may be best for you.