April 21, 2015
picture of a strong tree in the forest

Tree trunks. Human trunks. Both must be tough. Both bolster their specific systems. The human system demands a strong, well-functioning trunk to support the spine. Quite a few Georgetown lower back pain patients depend on chiropractic care and suggested exercise at Dr. Butwell to recover, strengthen, and provide a strong trunk and spine. Georgetown’s chiropractor at Dr. Butwell is the specialist to trust for all your spine needs!

Currently Georgetown chiropractic care focuses on the backbone of the trunk for tips to the cause of pain. From that backbone, from the spine, emanate nerves, nerves that send pain signals to the brain as well as pain-free signals to the body. It sends messages to move the body – the arms, the legs, the hands, the feet. The spine is central to the body system, so it deserves to be well-protected by strong muscles and well-cared for when any part of its system hurts. It deserves evidence-based care from the back pain specialist at Dr. Butwell.

So chiropractic back pain specialists like yours at Dr. Butwell study every part of the spine, every nerve from the spine, every test that might show how the spine is involved in your pain. Now once your Georgetown chiropractic physician is able to examine you, the chiropractic treatment plan can be set. It often consists of non-surgical spinal manipulation, nutrition, hot/cold therapy, and exercise amid other paths. All elements of the chiropractic treatment plan aspire to strengthen the trunk, strengthen the spine … and be rest assured that we’ll talk, your Georgetown chiropractor will listen as you talk and will clearly describe your condition to you. Your Georgetown chiropractor knows that your understanding of your condition, your embracing your treatment plan, your doing your exercises and making your office visits will only enhance the opportunity for you to control and even be rid of your back pain.

Be sure to do your home exercises. They support your in-office chiropractic treatments with Cox Technic by strengthening the trunk muscles to hold your spine in place. Home spine exercises keep you involved in your care, give you control over your pain. One type of exercise Dr. Butwell may well encourage is stability exercise. This strengthens the oblique abdominal muscles, the transverse abdominis muscle and multifidus muscles. Certain forms of stability exercise for these muscles are more appropriate when you are just starting to exercise while others are better performed once you start feeling better. Bridge pose (pelvic tilt type exercise) is a better early-on exercise as it strengthens local muscles. It significantly thickens the transverse abdominis. Side bridge exercise is a better later-on spine exercise as it strengthens muscles more globally as well as locally. (1)

To keep your trunk and spine as strong as tree’s, rely on an individualized, evidence-based treatment plan from Dr. Butwell. Entrust your spine and trunk to your Georgetown chiropractic physician by contacting Dr. Butwell today.