Georgetown Chiropractic Incorporates Simple Exercise for Back Pain Relief

June 26, 2018

So simple: exercise. For a person who just does not exercise or has not experienced how good it feels to exercise, it may not be so simple. But for a person with back pain, simple exercise can do so much. Dr. Butwell would never press our Georgetown back pain patients to train for a marathon, but Dr. Butwell kindly encourages a walk to the mailbox or down the driveway! Dr. Butwell encourages simple exercise to our Georgetown back pain patients as part of the complete Georgetown chiropractic treatment plan for back pain relief.


Dr. Butwell knows that exercise (along with spinal manipulation!) adds to the rehabilitation program of patients who have gone through Georgetown back surgery. In one case study, a patient who had leg pain after back surgery found 89% improvement at a three month follow-up after receiving spinal manipulation and exercise care. (1) Dr. Butwell applies exercise and spinal manipulation via the Cox® Technic system to relieve Georgetown back pain in sufferers after surgery and to prevent back surgery by reducing the back pain symptom generators.


Exercise is a possible treatment for Georgetown low back pain, obesity and inflammation symptomatology. How? Adipose, fatty tissue lets go of numerous types of cytokines - pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory – which enhance the inflammatory response of C-reactive protein which is linked to musculoskeletal pain perception in back pain sufferers. How does this bother Georgetown back pain patients? Overweight patients tend to feel more pain. One certain inflammation marker, prostaglandin E2, triggers fever and the sensation of pain and inflammation associated to low back pain.  Exercise helps by controlling these issues. (2) Bottomline: Georgetown back pain patients are advised to exercise, move, be active, to the level they can. Start small. Simple stabilization exercises increased function, inhibited fatigue and strengthened transverse abdominis contraction in herniated disc back pain patients. (3)  Dr. Butwell recommends just strolling to the end of the driveway or corner then adding a bit each trip. Running races isn’t necessary! Georgetown back pain patients notice the change!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Joel Kirsch on the Back Doctor’s Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes a patient whose goal was to just walk, period, and how his care assisted her meet and surpass that goal with Cox Technic.

Schedule a Georgetown chiropractic appointment with Dr. Butwell today for Georgetown back pain relief. The Georgetown chiropractic treatment plan for back pain relief urges simple, as simple as choosing to take that first walk to the front door of Dr. Butwell’s office!

Dr. Butwell suggests simple exercise as part of the Georgetown chiropractic back pain relief plan.