Georgetown Knee Pain Relief Tips Dr. Butwell

May 19, 2020

Knees and knee pain. Boy, do we work our knees…or at least we should! Dr. Butwell hears about painful knees almost as often as we hear about painful backs and necks! Georgetown knee pain sufferers know the symptoms and wonder “What can I do about this knee pain?” Dr. Butwell has some enlightening new research on exercise, chiropractic care, and nutrition to keep knee pain under control.


If you suffer with Georgetown knee pain, moving may seem like it will only aggravate it more. Many doctors like yours at Dr. Butwell and researchers have heard that! That is fear. Dr. Butwell understands! Physical activity is good for your knee’s overall health though. Dr. Butwell will be right beside you to calm your fear and make sure movement is beneficial! Dr. Butwell also will tell you again that a sedentary lifestyle may cause more issues and lead to more joint health problems. A study that followed people for 8 years found that persistent sitting was not related to knee osteoarthritis while low to moderate level of active physical activity is protective against knee osteoarthritis. If you sit a great deal, exercise, too. It is beneficial. The authors specifically report that long-term strenuous activity participation did not increase the incidence of knee osteoarthritis. That is good news! They report cautiously that people who were older, have a higher BMI, more severe pain, weaker quadriceps and depression were not as likely to do any strenuous activities. (1) If that is you, let us together get past these issues for your knees’ sake! Dr. Butwell is a great Georgetown health partner!


And talk about good partners, quads are to knees! Strong quadriceps benefit knees. Exercising the quadriceps is smart! A study examined younger and older folks doing resistance exercises via machine vs. elastic band. Both succeed! Maximal voluntary contraction of the knee extensors in older folks is greater than that in younger people. Exercise may benefit the older folks build that muscle so it can persist longer and potentially reduce the muscle loss that naturally comes with aging. (2) Dr. Butwell can guide you toward stronger quads!


Have you heard of patellofemoral pain syndrome? It is a term for a very common musculoskeletal disorder of atypical motor coordination of the limbs which loads the knees unevenly, raising their risk of pain. (3) Knowing this helps your Georgetown chiropractor direct treatment and exercise to assist in coordinating motion. One way toward improvement is resistance training whose effectiveness can particularly be noted in hopping. Researchers found that hopping requires strong ankles and knees that work together well. Resistance training improves strength and coordination giving rise to gait and knee/ankle benefits. (4) Don’t let the child in you hop away just yet! Check with your Georgetown chiropractor first!


The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management involves exercise, chiropractic treatment, and supplementation. Much the same can be done for knees! Exercise as defined above, chiropractic treatment of the knee based on principles of Cox® Technic for the spine adapted by Dr. Luigi Albano, and supplementation with chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate help knee cartilage which is similar to disc cartilage. Dr. Butwell will establish a chiropractic treatment plan for your knees regardless of their age!

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