Exercise to Strengthen Muscle in Women Helps with Georgetown Back Pain Relief

March 23, 2021

Low back pain in older women demands some attention. Researchers and chiropractic back pain specialists like your Georgetown chiropractor at Dr. Butwell give it! Women who experience back pain are a special group of our chiropractic practice with whom we are happy to work!


A recent report shared that low back pain in older women stems from abdominal truck muscle weakness. The women included in this study also experienced reduced mobility function. Even their knee extensor muscle strength was weak. What links these issues together? Muscle. Researchers described that muscle weakness directly linked low back pain, malnutrition, and reduced mobility function in older women. The good news was highlighted that exercise enhanced these factors. (1) Dr. Butwell  sees over and over the benefit of exercise for our Georgetown back pain patients.


Georgetown chiropractic patients with back pain seek pain relief. That’s the aim of care. Our patients often see other healthcare providers who recommend options like oral NSAIDs (number needed to treat (NNT) is 7 indicating 7 patients need to be treated for one patient to report benefit) and SNRIs like duloxetine (NNT: 10) and exercise (NNT: 7). A new study reported that these options often deliver clinically meaningful pain reduction as demonstrated by the above number-needed-to-treat stats. Which works in the long run though? Exercise. The researchers explained that the only intervention that demonstrated sustained benefit after the study’s intervention time period came to an end was exercise. (2) We share this to encourage exercise for all our Georgetown back pain (and neck pain) patients. Since this is an article focused on women with low back pain, Dr. Butwell encourages our older women patients to exercise. It is part of the chiropractic treatment plan that includes simple exercises as the starting point!

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Make your Georgetown chiropractic appointment today.  We specially care for our female patients who have back pain! We’ll do our part in designing an personalized treatment plan and exercise program to support you in doing your part with exercise for optimal back pain relief!

Dr. Butwell shares recent research about how beneficial exercise is, especially for older women with back pain.