Latest News in Gentle Georgetown Exercise for Chronic Low Back Pain Relief

December 01, 2020

Chronic low back pain (CLBP) slows life down for its sufferers. Georgetown chronic low back pain sufferers look forward to getting their lives back. Dr. Butwell has a chiropractic treatment plan with options that do just that. The treatment plan often involves chiropractic spinal manipulation like Cox® Technic together with gentle exercise and nutrition. A couple new insights about effective exercise interventions are presented here for our Georgetown back pain patients’ consideration as it’s up to you to select what exercise works for you!


Walking works, so do mind-body therapies like yoga. An analysis of 31 randomized control trials of 3193 participants, walking was found to be as effective as control interventions for short term relief of chronic low back pain and slightly superior for intermediate term pain relief and activity limitation improvement while yoga was more effective to reduce pain and improve activity in the short term. Doing both yoga and walking was suggested to be a valuable combination for CLBP patients. (1) In an analysis of 18 randomized controlled trials, yoga was reported to decrease pain in the short to intermediate term and to improve functional disability from short to long term compared to non-exercise, usual care, and education. But it had similar effects on pain and disability as other exercise types or physical therapy. (2) Most everyone can take a stroll. Some like physical therapy exercise. Most can perform yoga if they so desire. Dr. Butwell knows not every exercise option may be our Georgetown back pain sufferer’s “thing”! Options are key to participation...and Dr. Butwell has them!


One group of researchers wrote that current evidence does not indicate that any single form of exercise is better than any other for back pain relief. That is interesting! They did state that exercise is modestly effective treatment for chronic low back pain, a substantial health and socioeconomic issue (cost, disability, missed work).  The most common form of exercise for back pain relief was reported as motor control exercise which works on the deep muscles and their coordination. Reportedly not superior to other forms of exercise, motor control exercise should be an option for chronic low back pain patients among other forms of exercise. The researchers indicated that the choice should be made by the patient in collaboration with his/her doctor/therapist. (3) Dr. Butwell talks with each Georgetown back pain sufferer to find out what exercise will work and will be done. That is the key!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Benjamin Fonke on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he illustrates the value of exercise incorporation  into The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

Set up your Georgetown chiropractic appointment today. When CLBP has slowed your life down, Dr. Butwell’s chiropractic treatment plan with Cox® Technic and exercise that you will do may well restore your pace of life. 

Dr. Butwell shares new research-reported gentle exercise for chronic low back pain relief: yoga and walking and motor control exercise. The best? The one patients will do.