Dr. Butwell Asks Back Pain Patients About Pain Relief Expectations

July 10, 2018

What do Georgetown back pain sufferers want when they seek Georgetown back pain care? Back pain relief. How much Georgetown back pain relief do they expect? 100%? 50%? That percentage differs with the back pain patient’s experience and preceding care. First time back pain sufferers many times expect 100%. A veteran back pain sufferer who has had a few back surgeries, some spinal injections, many doctors and therapists may well be delighted with 50% or even 30%. Dr. Butwell welcomes all these Georgetown back pain patients and communicates what the spinal research literature documents as realistic outcomes of Georgetown back pain treatment and specifically Georgetown chiropractic outcomes of care using the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.


How much improvement do you want from your back pain treatment? 30% is reported to be “clinically relevant.” (1) Is that enough for you? Medical literature characterizes the “minimal clinically important difference” of treatment to be the smallest change in status a patient sees as meaningful to him or her. That difference is described as 30% improvement in self-reported pain or function as a result of a study of 743 patients. (2)  In another study of 609 back-related leg pain and sciatica patients, good outcome is explained to be 30% reduction in disability. 55% reported such improvement at 12 months of care. (3) The expectation of 5443 patients who had spine surgery for low back degenerative disc disease for pain and disability reduction was met for 64% at 12 months post-surgery. However, satisfaction decreases as disability rises. (4) Realistic expectations of back pain treatment are shared with Georgetown chiropractic patients at Dr. Butwell when the treatment plan is established.


In going by the protocols of the chiropractic technique, Cox® Technic, Dr. Butwell and fellow chiropractors who use it aim for 50% relief of pain in 30 days…and we chiropractors do not feel that is too high a goal! Cox® Technic physicians like yours at Dr. Butwell find higher percentages of improvement for many Georgetown back pain patients. With 50% relief, which for many patients comes in just a few visits to a week or two, Georgetown chiropractic treatment continues without a surgical consult or advanced imaging (unless progressive neurological deficits are seen or cauda equina is present). 50% relief is often a welcome relief for Georgetown back pain patients looking for a return to a quality of life that is satisfactory. This might involve taking the dog for a walk or going to the mailbox. Dr. Butwell strives to help patients achieve realistic and maintainable outcomes of care.

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The pain relief expectations of Georgetown back pain patients influence their satisfaction with chiropractic care. What’s realistic?