Chiropractic for Georgetown Back Surgery Prevention and Pain Relief

October 31, 2017

Living life as desired is all Georgetown folks want, isn’t it? Back pain disrupts that longing for 80% of Georgetown people at some point in our lives. Depending on whom the Georgetown back pain sufferer visits first, back surgery with or without fusion may be advised. Dr. Butwell is ready to help manage and lessen that disruption with its Georgetown chiropractic treatment plan.


Choice affects the route and price of Georgetown back pain care. The cost of chiropractic care for the treatment of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation patients is just 2% of total money spent on back pain. A test of conservative non-operative care is counseled before surgery for patients with lumbar disc herniation. (1) Approximately 42.7% of workers first seeing a surgeon had surgery in contrast to only 1.5% of those who saw a chiropractor first. (2)


First-time disc surgeries reduced by about two thirds for patients cared for in a multidisciplinary facility. (3) When cases of patients suggested for a fusion back surgery were evaluated by a multidisciplinary committee, non-surgical care was endorsed for just 58%. The fusion surgical approach recommended  for 28% of the cases was changed. (4) Another multidisciplinary overview resulted in changed approaches|was changed to care for back pain without lumbar spinal fusion. Exercise, psychological therapy, rehabilitation, spinal manipulation, massage and acupuncture for chronic low back pain remains to be championed in the spine research. Pain reduction is better than functional improvement. (5) Georgetown back pain patients are wanting pain reduction, so this is wonderful!


In managing Georgetown back pain, care givers – including surgeons – are appreciating the role the mind has in the care of chronic pain patients who have multiple contributing factors. Their pain is not as easy as stating that he or she has a disc herniation. Several factors come together to cause pain and struggle in defeating that pain. The body and mind respond via the sympathetic nervous system. Doctors who can recognize and help empower a patient to picture a positive response to care, to envision a lessening of symptoms rather than concentrate on them may help improve back pain patients’ outlook and future. (6) Dr. Butwell recognizes that dealing with pain, particularly pain that has been a bother for some time that other care hasn’t helped, is disappointing. Dr. Butwell also has been a part of relieving such pain for patients. Dr. Butwell explains the source of pain, the plan to improve, control and/or resolve the pain, and the hope to avoid future pain. Dr. Butwell helps Georgetown back pain patients with its Georgetown chiropractic treatment plan with the Cox Technic system of spine pain management.


Listen in to this PODCAST with Dr. James Cox for more about Back Surgery and the Cox Technic as the non-surgical way to Georgetown back pain relief. Listen in to a PODCAST as a patient facing back surgery chose Cox Technic and found help.

Then schedule your Georgetown chiropractic appointment today to manage your Georgetown back pain, prevent back surgery as possible, and get back to living.