December 01, 2015

Exercise. Stretch. Walk.
Yes, Dr. Butwell knows you hear this all the time! Dr. Butwell knows activity is good for managing back pain and neck pain as well as benefits the heart and muscles and body and mind. Dr. Butwell also knows that exercise may be anti-inflammatory as well. That helps our Georgetown chiropractic patients combat their aches and pains in ways researchers are just now likely starting to uncover.

So, the relationship between inflammation and metabolism has been long recognized, especially in relation to the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Cytokines impact this disease:  interleukin-1 β (IL-1 β) does damage to the pancreas; Tumor Necrosis Factor-α (TNF-α) plays a role in peripheral insulin resistance; interleukin-6 increases (as from exercise) and promotes anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting TNF-α and increasing interleukin-1ra which limits IL-1β. (1,2) A positive though complicated cycle! But basically, physical activity promotes a natural anti-inflammatory and metabolism-improving strategy with minor side effects, some of which (like body composition change) are even helpful in managing inflammation! (1)

Further, there are specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) that accompany acute inflammation and coordinate its ending. Stretching connective tissues triggers local pro-resolving mechanisms within that tissue during the acute phase of inflammation. It further reduces the migration of neutrophils (the most common white blood cells that protect the body against infection) and increases specialized pro-resolving mediators within inflammatory lesions. (3) Dr. Butwell finds this helpful to know in dealing with acute low back pain and as well as chronic as inflammation is often involved. The Georgetown chiropractic care treatment plan goes after this inflammation that our Georgetown chiropractic patients don’t always know about as well the pain that they do know.

Therefore, some stretching exercise may be helpful in disease management, pain management as well as inflammation management. Dr. Butwell finds all of these outcomes positive! The more our Georgetown chiropractic patients contribute in understanding and activity to their treatment plan, the better the outcomes  all around! So please contact Dr. Butwell today to set up a Georgetown consultation about your back pain or neck pain and other aches and pains that often stem from inflammation. A comprehensive chiropractic treatment plan with Dr. Butwell involving exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic spinal manipulation may well bring about their relief.